A special date

A special date

Following the disruptions we have all endured these last months many of us need a break from the current “normal day”, so we have arranged for you and your best friend – your spouse a special date that you can take at any time and along the way enjoy some good food and great conversations together about what you have seen and would like to do in the future. It will take a little forward preparation (additions to your weekly shopping and maybe home delivery/take outs)

Your romantic and fun date with with your spouse – a virtual trip to Singapore and if you have young ones at home they too can tag along, for some of the time at least! You do not need to worry about “lockdowns” or quarantining. Your trip will start just before ‘bedtime’ and you will have the luxury of flying in a first class suite and yes in your own bed and what is more you can pick your “inflight movie” from your favourite service.
When you wake up your breakfast, pre-ordered, will be from the menu of Singapore Airlines Business Class. The airline says “We invite you to create, experience and relive the bold flavours and wondrous aromas that inspire the acclaimed cuisine onboard Singapore Airlines. Attempt your own gourmet experience with these Business Class breakfast recipes adapted for your dining pleasure at home” The 3 menus/recipes are available for download in a zipped file below – share the preparation together before settling down for the “movie”, maybe watched from the privacy of your bedroom!
You land at Changi Airport Singapore, after a lazy breakfast time, and are ready for exploring – a good place to start is “Visiting Singapore” through this link you can explore from the famed bar area of the historic Raffles Hotel to the modern Marina Bay Sands Resort – snuggle up close, hold hands as you explore these. Whilst on this page scroll down the page to “Singapore Originals” ‘Try this at Home -tips from Singapore’ for something that is a little bit different, but “try this at home” together.
Then, why not choose from the optional side trips, or take them all!

  • an 18 minute flight over Singapore – The Beauty of Singapore
  • An uncrowded and unrushed tour of the National Gallery, the tour is ready to start on your arrival here.
  • A peak inside “The Istana” (which means palace in Malay), certainly worth a visit as it is the official office of the President of the Republic of Singapore. This is a Neo-Palladian style palace and via this virtual tour you explore the rooms where very important dignitaries are honoured and entertained at state functions. Your tour is waiting for you here.

Feeling like something to eat? Then it is time for you and your spouse to prepare your meal  together and styled from the Hawkers Market which Singapore is famed for, a selection of recipes is included in the download mentioned above. If you prefer order your favourite “take out”! Serve each other and as you eat why not take the time to enjoy the music of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra – through their official streaming site.

Download Your Recipes Here