Date Night Ideas

Although the title to this page is Date Night Ideas, you do not have to date your spouse at night only –  there are day time and weekend dates. We read recently of one wife going to her husband’s workplace and ‘capturing’ him at the start of his lunch break so that they could have that lunch together! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination – ‘lack of time’ or ‘too costly’ arguments can be overcome, and remember when you have young children they do go to bed.

Some ideas from others to get you started:

  1. From a wife and mother “We did a date co-op when our kids were little with some of our friends. We swapped babysitting for each other so we could get some alone time. The kids thought it was a play date for them!
    We discovered the beauty of having lunch dates at the nicer places. The prices are usually much lower, the portion sizes are smaller, and you still get the fancy feeling. Sometimes, if the lunch thing doesn’t work out, we will eat a light meal at home and then just share an appetizer and dessert at a restaurant.
  2. From a husband “We don’t have small children, but we go on many dates that don’t cost a thing. Dreaming together at a bookshop as we look at books and magazines about home building. Walking hand in hand through a park, talking about our days in the upcoming week. We occasionally take a dessert date at our favourite café. Make your regular planned meal, but pull out the fine china and candles. There are so many things that you can do without a financial hit!
  3. And from another husband “Depending on your spouse’s love language, some of my most successful married dates haven’t cost a dime. Go for a drive or find an old “parking” spot to bring back sparks from the past. Spend the evening reigniting memories of falling in love. Good old-fashioned quality time is still the best date in my book. Pack a picnic dinner and create your own “dessert”!
  4. From a wife “At-home dates, after the kids go to bed. Play board games, romantic dessert date with candles, snuggle by the fire, babysitting exchange with friends. Cook dinner together – a new recipe.

  • Go for a walk in the cool of the evening – it doesn’t matter if there is no moon or stars visible you have each other.


  • One evening create your ‘power failure’ turn off all the lights and get out the safety candles or do everything in the dark!


  • Make home-made ice cream together then feed each other.


  • Just enjoy a lazy day together – chilling out.


  • Washing the car together can be fun. This one’s best done when the weather is not cold!


  • Do you have a local street or farmers market nearby, go together – you don’t have to buy anything, you can just talk about what meal you could prepare and enjoy from some of what is on sale.


  • Something that might be thought as so yesterday – have your own fondue night, always feeding each other.


  • Need cooling on a hot evening – then maybe a fun water gun fight in the yard.



  • Hike, bike or workout together.


  • Other physical activities include a ride in a theme park, learning something new together eg dancing.


“In your love, you see only the heaven of your own happiness, but in marriage you are placed at a post of responsibility towards the world and mankind. Your love is your own private possession, but marriage is more than something personal—it is a status, an office. Just as it is the crown, and not merely the will to rule, that makes the king, so it is marriage, and not merely your love for each other, that joins you together in the sight of God and man.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer