Dating Your SpouseDates are not just for those looking to get married!  Dating is a powerful tool to promote the health of your marriage, once married. Over time marriages will wilt without regular attention. Investing time in a date night may be difficult when you have children, careers, busy committed life styles, but date nights/couple time do not have to be complicated. First start by agreeing together a time and day, and then put it in the diary or on the planner. This date should be treated with the utmost importance and not be changed without mutual agreement. When the time comes switch off the ‘phone etc!

Social science clearly suggests that regular date nights result in stronger marriages. The results include:

  • Increased communication, so deepening couple’s understanding of each other so they grow closer together.
  • Date nights help spouses reclaim both their individual identity and their identity as a couple as they escape from routine.
  • Date nights fan the flame of romance, passion and excitement.
  • They ensure fun times together to do the unusual.

Date nights show commitment to the marriage, and are one of the greatest investments a married couple can make at any stage of their married life together.

Every moment spent with your spouse is a blessing from God.