The quality of our nation’s marital relationships will be a determining factor in the destiny of Australia. The strength of families depends on the qualities of the relationships between mothers and fathers. Therefore marriage should be encouraged, strengthened, valued and supported by society and individuals in every possible way as a social good.

Marriage Week is an annual celebration, strategically placed, commencing on the second Sunday in September at the beginning of the Lord’s festivals, to reinforce and promote the benefits/importance of marriage and increase awareness and value of pre-marriage and in-marriage education. Of course there must be continuing recognition of responsibilities for the singles, the single parents/ divorcees and the child within our midst who may be growing up without a mother or father role model.

Marriage will be celebrated, recognising that marriage :

  • was foundational in Gods’ plan of creation
  • it is ‘the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’

  • seek to promote the value of marriage based on Judeo-Christian scripture

  • the foundation of families and gives the right balanced environment for children to grow up in a foundational part of society and thus the nation

Marriage Week 2022 ~ 11th – 17th September
Marriage Week 2023 ~ 10th – 16th September
Marriage Week 2024 ~ 8th – 14th September

Each year Marriage Week commences on the second Sunday each September. Many of the Christian broadcasters are part of Marriage Week and have special program content through out the week, to see the full current list by State click here.

Marriage Week in Australia is facilitated by organisations who support the same aims and Biblical values.

Marriage Week is run in other countries, at different times of year under their own formal or informal arrangements and aims & values.