Our marriages are not private matters.

~~ Our children, gain emotional security and a myriad of benefits from our marriage, our love and union. Our marriages matter to our extended family. They matter to our employers. They matter to society. They are the fabric that holds families together.

So, do something for your marriage in Marriage Week, come to think of it why wait – do it now! Sign up with our Marriage Investment Bank – find out more through the link below (click on the MIB logo). Write a letter of thanks or praise to show your love for your spouse. Buy them a special gift, it does not have to be large or expensive. Read more …..

♥ Lifemates Blog ♥

Lifemates Newsletters started over 16 years ago and originated out of the ministry of running The Marriage Course in the KuRingGai area, New South Wales.

An extract from the current Blog:

The following is part of a research article in ‘Emerging Minds’ on the effects of drought on families, but it can equally apply to families affected by other disasters like fires.
“There can be great variability in the impact of drought on relationships. Families may be the first line of defence against the hardship of drought, but can also be the site that takes the force of the blow. Despite this, numerous Australian reports of stronger friendships, marriages, and ties to community have emerged from families in […]

Prayers for Marriage

The following are some of the suggestions for inclusion in your prayers for the current month:

Time is a fixed commodity and for many in the business community it has been an on-going struggle to ensure that they have enough time with their families. Now, due to the current pandemic, evenings and weekends are cleared of meetings, fixtures and social gatherings, after school sports, lessons and other events.

Praise God for this precious gift of time freed up to refocus, rest, play and plan our days with our loved ones.

Thank God that now there can be regular family meals together.

Living in such close proximity for a […]


The Challenge – Building Christ centred marriages across the nation

We live in a relationally broken culture which is driven by world values! We in the church need to meaningfully show the world how fullness of life can extend beyond the individual into a committed, God-honouring Christ centred marriage? Our God is a relational God who is in a perfect triune relationship. Jesus said “…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”(John 10:10 NRSV).

We believe that our Lord desires all married people to have …..Read more

About Marriage Week?

…… Marriage Week is a coalition of the Christian church, media, ministries, and other organisations across Australia who have the same vision of marriage between a man and a woman, according to scripture being upheld and strengthened…..Read More


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